One day at Chicago Booth MBA -2

Hi there, universe!

Allow us to introduce ourselves… Our names are Victoria and Oren Yunger, and we are a first-year MBA couple, pursuing the full-time MBA program at Chicago Booth. Prior to Booth, we lived in the sunny Tel Aviv, Israel where we worked at digital marketing (Victoria) and cyber security (Oren). Naturally, we have very different pathways at Booth and our joint mission at school is to grow individually without growing apart. Since August 2016, we have been residing in the booming downtown area of Chicago, having the time of our lives on campus and beyond.

The next set of photos was taken on a very special Saturday, November 5, 2016. We chose this particular day to show that this MBA thing is an around-the-clock, whole week venture, that is all about self-development and creation of lifelong memories. Ready? Set… Go!

Chicago Booth MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

Our alarm clocks go off and we wake up to a beautiful view of The Bean (Excuse us… Cloud Gate), but this is way too early to appreciate the sight ;). The city is slowly waking up, and so are we:

Chicago Booth MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

Wow, that’s a rough start, but we have our work cut up for us today so we better get going.
We start preparing for a very special day at Harper Center, “Interview Kickoff”, in which we’re about to learn everything we need to know to succeed in interviews, amen. But first things first… Our morning ritual – coffee in our dual workstation. As always, we are trying to take charge of our busy schedule and prepare for all the amazing things Chicago Booth has in store for us:

Chicago Booth MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

We are all set to go, in business casual attire (leaning towards the casual). We are making our way from the 35th floor in our skyscraper in the downtown to the meeting spot at Gleacher Center.

We made it in time! We crossed the river, towards the fabulous Gleacher center, just by the iconic Chicago Tribune Tower. Location, location, location it is. At Gleacher, school buses await to take us to Harper Center in Hyde Park, which is a 20-minute ride away.

Chicago Booth MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016


On the way to HC, we have a cool school bus experience as international students, exactly like in the movies. Another thing to take off from our to do list for life in America! Yay!

Chicago Booth MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

We are here, at HC. We grab a quick breakfast (Thanks for taking care of our tummies, Chicago Booth) and receive updates about the upcoming day’s events in the Booth app.

Chicago Booth Business School MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

This is what we have on the official agenda today – interesting sessions that allow us to dive into the interview and recruitment mechanisms of each industry, as part of a broad program that is all about us MBA’s and our career development. Isn’t MBA fun? We navigate between interview mock ups and Q&A panels, throughout the way immersing ourselves in the striking art that fills Harper Center and the Booth rock-stars on the campus walls, inspiring us daily:

We’re back in downtown. We have just enough time to connect with the stunning city we call home.
Previously living in a rather small country, we are still absorbing the grandeur of Chicago. Residing in the Loop neighborhood has proved to be the perfect urban adventure, offering us quick access to restaurants, shops, museums, and Chicago hallmarks. Exploring the city is our favorite pastime activity and today is no different – We take a walk in the Magnificent Mile and window shop.

Not going to lie, we take a nap… Trying our best no to dream about finding the perfect summer internship.

Chicago Booth Business School MBA Full time student Onedayatmba 2016

We head over to the fancy University Club of Chicago to the Annual Dining Out event of the Armed Forces Group. Having served in the Israeli military, we are proud to be part of such a strong community that is abundant with remarkable veterans from around the world. We don’t know this yet, but we are about to have the night of our lives… Amazing food, even better company and Celebrity guests like Dean Douglas J. Skinner and Eric Gleacher (Yes, THE Gleacher, also a Marine and Booth ’67 alumnus). Oh, what a night! Definitely one the highlights of Chicago Booth so far:


It’s the wee hours of the event and we make our way as a jolly group to a stunning rooftop bar. Only then I realize that I left the super cool AFG keychain I received in the gala on the table, just after I took its picture. Ah, the sacrifices that art demands! 😉

That’s it, folks!

Just one day out of a mind-blowing adventure in Chicago Booth. For us, the best part is that no day is like the other and that we are free to pick and choose and craft our own adventures. Go Booth!

P.S. Feel free to comment if you have got any questions regarding Chicago Booth – we will be more than happy to answer and help!

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